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Perfecting your smile

The Dentists of Australia would like everyone to feel confident with their smile. We understand that achieving this often requires a little help, so we have the following options available to choose from.

Clear Aligners

In a few simple steps, Clear Aligners can help you achieve straighter teeth without having to wear traditional braces. The beauty lies in its thin plastic trays, which are almost imperceptible. Using a mouth guard design, these aligners are easy to take on and off, though for optimal results, it is best to keep them on for between 20-22 hours a day. Clear Aligners or Clear Braces can help people with over or under bites, overcrowded or crooked teeth and costs are usually covered with most orthodontic health cover.

What's The Process?

Step 1:

Arrange a consult with one of our practitioners who will decide if you are a suitable candidate for using Clear Aligners. A customised treatment plan will then be created for you.


Step 2:

3D images of your teeth will be produced and the plastic aligners will be custom made for your comfort. Our team will also show you a computerised image of how your teeth should look after using Clear Aligners so you can see the intended result.


Step 3:

Treatment begins with you wearing the custom aligners for two weeks at a time. As you move through the process, the aligners become tighter, therefore, moving your teeth into line. Treatment varies between 9 and 18 months and includes regular visits with one of our practitioners.




Want that Hollywood smile? It's achievable! Veneers are porcelain facings that are usually placed over the upper front teeth (from canine to canine). It does involve some removal of enamel to give room for the facing. The beauty of this process is that you can create and design your own smile. From its shape to its shade, it can all be customised to your liking. We work closely with you and the dental lab that fabricate the veneers to ensure we achieve the best outcome for you. Book in with one of our dentists to discuss the possibilities!


It's absolutely normal for teeth to discolour as we age. All the foods we eat and drink over time can stain our teeth. It just happens to be a part of life and we should let this natural phenomenon take its course...

Who we kidding?!

Vanity, Beauty, Confidence, Pride, Selfies - Whatever the reason, whitening can make a big difference.

There is an array of options for whitening. Come visit us for a consult and we can help assess with you the various types to best match your needs.

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